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Avoid Teeth Pain in Winters with these Dental Care tips

Winter is already here and although it is the most festive time of the year, the chill is gripping all of us. Winters does not always mean holiday lights, festivities and carols as for many it can just be pain and sickness. Prime Dental has brought about some top ways to protect your mouth from sickness during this cold weather.

  1. Thwart Seasonal Illness

The most common wintertime illnesses are flu and common cold which also affect your oral health. Protect yourself against bodily infections by washing your hands regularly and avoiding people who are sick. It is advised to change your toothbrush after a period of sickness in order to ensure that harmful germs do not return to your mouth.

  1. Keep your teeth protected

Tooth Sensitivity is very common during the cold weather. Bitter temperatures and chilly winds can make your teeth feel sore. Adopt the habit of brushing your teeth with sensitivity toothpaste to protect your mouth from pain. Also, avoiding cold foods and beverages is a must for those experiencing discomfort. Sipping on a warm beverage can keep the teeth from becoming too cold, especially if you are going to be outside for several hours at a time.

  1. Do not leave cavities untreated

Cavities can also cause colds. An infection from your tooth can lead to symptoms like fever, chills and nausea. So, don’t leave your cavities untreated and visit our friendly dentist in Finchley immediately if you have a cavity and develop the signs of flu.

  1. Avoid sugar

Winters is all about festivities and many at times people forget about the effects of sugary treats and their impact on your teeth. Avoid sugar and wash your teeth after each meal. Speak to our friendly hygienist in Finchley to discuss this further.

  1. See the dentist

Visiting our dentist in Finchley during winter will ensure your mouth is healthy and your family health is protected. Professional services are mandatory for treatments of problems like cavities, canker sores and tooth sensitivity. Regular examinations with the dentists must never be missed throughout the year.

So, by following these simple tips you can keep your oral health intact all winter long. To make an appointment for winter dental care call Prime Dental in Finchley at  020 8201 8877.

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