Specialist Fee Guide

Our specialists and advanced dentists work in tandem with our highly skilled general dentists to provide a comprehensive service that keeps you healthy, restores lost function and creates stunning smiles. Here is a guide to our prices, which may vary depending on the complexity of the treatment you require. Please rest assured that you will receive a full treatment plan and breakdown of fees before your treatment starts.

Implantfrom £1,500
Implant crownfrom £1,500
Bone graftfrom £500
Periodontics: gum disease therapy
Non-surgical periodontal treatmentfrom £450
Surgical periodontal treatmentfrom £800
Endodontics: root canal therapy
Consultation£75 (redeemed off treatment if patient goes ahead)
Root canal therapyfrom £850
Orthodontics: teeth straightening
Fixed bracesfrom £1,800 (single arch)
Invisalignfrom £1,800 (single arch)
Incognitofrom £4,500
Damonfrom £4,000
CBCT Scan Prices
Small Volume: For visulasing single or multiple teeth in a partiular site(<3-5 teeth) £95.00
Both jaws including sinus (10x 8.5 cm): for visualising both arches simultaneously £250.00
Upper/lower arche (10 x 7cm) £150.00
Report of scan- We are able to report the scans to fulfil adequest diagnosis £85.00
OPG or Panoramic Radiograph to visualise the upper and lower arches and teeth £85.00

Please contact us for more information about our advanced and specialist services.

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