Crowns & Cerec

For fortifying coverage

We offer a range of crowns to disguise and strengthen damaged, unsightly teeth. They are made from strong materials that closely match your natural teeth.

Cerec ‘Crowns in a day’

As a forward-thinking practice, we embrace the kind of new technology that will give our patients the best possible results. This is why we use CEREC – a high-precision milling machine that can design and create porcelain dental crowns and inlays/onlays in just one visit.

This allows us to have complete control over the shape and fit metal-free restorations and it is also a convenient treatment option for busy patients.

Why you may need treatment
You may have a tooth that has been affected by decay, breakage, discolouration or an extensive filling.

The benefits of treatment

  • Can conceal an unsightly tooth
  • Natural-looking
  • Fixed firmly in place
  • Durable
  • Confidence-boosting

How we treat you
We reduce the size of the tooth, so your crown will fit neatly. We take impressions and record the colour of your surrounding teeth to ensure the resulting crown will look beautifully natural when finally fixed in place.

What else you need to know
‘Our principal dentist’ Remove this sentence and change to Our dentists have attended post graduate training in CEREC technology. 

To ensure your crown lasts as long as possible, you need to maintain an effective oral hygiene routine. You should also attend regular check-ups so we can keep a close eye on your crown and the underlying tooth.

Although a crown can protect a weakened tooth, it is still important to keep the site bacteria-free to guard against decay and gum disease.

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