Root Canal Treatment

Tooth saving treatment

If the innermost part of the tooth (the ‘pulp’) succumbs to infection, we can use root canal therapy to remove the affected tissue and help save your tooth. Even though the pulp is living tissue which we take away to address the infection, the tooth stays intact as it is kept nourished by the surrounding tissues.

We aim always to try to preserve natural teeth, and root canal therapy can help us do just that.

At Prime Dental, we have invested in the Global Dental Microscope to improve how we deliver root canal treatment. You can also benefit from the skills and expertise of our Specialist Endodontist, Marta Suarez, who is adept at treating teeth with complex root canal systems, including rectifying failed root canal treatments.

Why you may need treatment
Infection or inflammation of the pulp can be caused by deep tooth decay, a large filling or trauma, such as a chip or crack. All these provide entry points for bacteria, which can subsequently lead to infection.

The benefits of treatment

  • Can relieve pain
  • Can save an infected tooth
  • Stops the spread of infection
  • Prevents the problems that tooth loss brings
  • More cost-effective than replacing a missing tooth

How we treat you
We remove the pulp under local anaesthetic and flush the root canals with an anti-bacterial solution. The canals are carefully shaped with tiny instruments and washed again to remove any debris.

These now clean canals are filled with a rubber compound to seal the tooth. It will then be fully restored with either a permanent filling or crown.

What else you need to know
Root canal therapy has a reputation for being painful but, thanks to a local anaesthetic and our reassuringly gentle touch, your treatment experience should be just like having a normal filling.

A root canal treated tooth should stay functional for years, as long as you maintain an effective oral hygiene routine and attend regular check-ups, so we can swiftly pick up any problems.

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