White fillings

For more subtle repairs

White fillings can be used to repair damaged teeth less noticeable because they are made from tooth-colored composite resin.

Why you may need treatment
You may have decay, or teeth that have been chipped, broken or worn down. They can also be used as a temporary measure to protect a tooth while you are undergoing treatment, such as root canal therapy, or if you are waiting for a new crown to be made.

The benefits of treatment

  • Blends in with natural teeth
  • Durable
  • A minimally invasive option

How we treat you
Under a local anesthetic, we remove the decayed area of the tooth. We apply the resin in layers and then shape while it is still soft. The filling is hardened with a special bright light and given a final polish.

What else you need to know
Although considered to be less durable than amalgam fillings and usually not used in teeth that are subjected to heavy chewing forces, white fillings are much better looking. They are now produced from more robust, modern materials and are especially useful when the decay is restricted to the biting surface of the tooth. There is also research that suggests white fillings can strengthen a tooth that has been weakened by decay.

It is vital to brush twice daily and floss between your teeth to prevent decay forming around your filling.

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