Bespoke Lingual Braces

For secret straightening

We can offer bespoke lingual braces for the ultimate in orthodontic discretion. These are attached to the inside surface of the teeth and so are virtually invisible.

This brace system is just as effective as traditional fixed braces but is particularly adult-friendly as it is kept hidden away.

Why you may need treatment
You may have gaps, crowding, rotated teeth or upper and lower teeth that do not fit together properly.

The benefits of treatment

  • The braces are hidden on the back surface of teeth.
  • It can be used to treat a wide range of orthodontic issues.
  • Custom-made for each patient to ensure comfort and precise results.
  • Suitable for those with nickel allergies as the brackets are made from gold alloy.

How we treat you
We take impressions of your teeth so custom-made brackets can be produced and fitted discreetly to the inside (lingual) surface. We attach thin wires to these brackets so they can start moving your teeth to an improved position.

Treatment will take between 12-24 months, but many patients will see an improvement within just a couple. During this time we would like to see you regularly to check your progress and adjust the wires as necessary.

What else you need to know
It can be tricky cleaning teeth that have been fitted with a brace, but you still need to brush at least twice a day and try to clean between your teeth. You may just have to take a little extra care.

After treatment, you will require a retainer to keep your straighter teeth in position.

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