Dr Allen Betsis is our expert oral surgeon who carries out all the tooth extractions .

Although our chief focus is preventative care, we may occasionally need to remove a tooth if it is severely damaged or more space is required in your mouth.

Why you may need treatment
You may have advanced gum disease which has loosened your tooth, an impacted wisdom tooth or one that has been damaged due to decay or trauma. We may also need to remove teeth to create more space for orthodontic treatment or dentures.

The benefits

  • Eliminates pain
  • Prevents infection
  • Makes space

How we treat you
We take an x-ray and examine your teeth to work out the most appropriate method of removal. We then numb the area, loosen the tooth and remove it with dental forceps.

What else you need to know
Try to encourage healing following an extraction by eating softer foods and chewing on the opposite side of your mouth. Very hot foods, smoking and alcohol should also be off the menu.

You should keep the site of extraction clean by rinsing with warm, salty water. If you experience severe pain a few days after an extraction, you could have a condition known as ‘dry socket’, which is when the blood clot fails to form properly or becomes dislodged. If this happens, be sure to give us a call.