Our specialist periodontist provides advanced gum treatment to help treat more challenging cases of gum disease that have progressed beyond the early stages. This treatment can include root planing (debridement) which removes deposits from the root surface and reduces inflammation of the gum tissue.

Alessia graduated in dentistry at the University Cattolica of Rome in Italy in 2011. After a few years working as a general dentist, she moved to the UK to start her research studies, which led to the award of a PhD in Dental Biomaterials in 2019.

In 2018 Alessia was appointed as Teaching Fellow in Dental Materials at QMUL (London) and then as NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow/Specialty Registrar in Periodontology at the Barts and the Royal London Hospital, where she completed her specialty training in periodontics. She successfully passed the examination in 2021 and was awarded the Membership in Periodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Alessia is currently a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the College of Medicine and Dentistry in Birmingham, where she supervises the clinical activity for the Master in Periodontology.
In her clinical practice, she focuses on treating patients who suffer from gum disease, peri-implant disease and patients who require gum contouring and gum/bone grafting.

Advanced periodontal disease requires excellent care at home to keep it in check. We can teach you the most effective brushing and interdental cleaning techniques, as well as offering healthy lifestyle tips.