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Case 1 – Composite build up tooth repair


This 18-year-old boy first fractured this tooth at school 10 years ago. Unfortunately, he fractured it again the day before his sister’s wedding in Amsterdam and had it repaired especially for the wedding. Sadly the Dutch repair failed the next day. So I was given the opportunity to repair it again today.

Case 2 –Air polish - tooth whitening – stained teeth sometimes just need to be polished to look great


Case 3 – Hygiene therapy and air polishing


This 84 year old gentleman presented complaining that his teeth are very dark. The teeth were stained due to unsuccessfully applied oral hygiene. 30 minutes later his teeth were shiny and new again.

Case 4 – Porcelain veneers


The first case was a 24 year old woman who presented with congenitally missing teeth. The midline of her teeth was not in the of her face. We provided a pre-operative cosmetic design for her approval prior to providing the treatment. Once she consented to the treatment 10 porcelain veneers were prepared and fitted completely transforming her appearance and creating a beautiful smile.

Case 5 - Porcelain veneers


This 50 year old gentleman has congenitally small teeth and has been attending the practice for 20 years.

He was always unhappy with the spaces in his smile and we initially closed the spaces using composite restorative material to close the spaces. After many years he wanted to upgrade his smile and requested porcelain veneers as he wanted his teeth to be even whiter!

We provided 4 porcelain veneers to close the gaps and he is delighted with the improvement. Next, we will have to deal with the gaps on his lower teeth.

Case 6 - Porcelain and composite veneers


This case was to close the black triangle spaces which form when gum disease is successfully treated. The treatment can be provided either with porcelain veneers or with direct composite veneers which were provided in this case. This treatment was carried out in one visit and took 2 hours to complete.

Case 7 - Porcelain veneers and smile design


This phobic patient met me at the opening of an art gallery and told me he wanted to improve his smile after years of neglect due to his fears. We set about sorting out his gum and general dental health. Once that was all resolved we set about improving his smile. We provided a cosmetic design prior to proceeding with the treatment. Once he had approved the plan we went ahead and provided 6 porcelain veneers. The result is truly astounding.

Case 8 – Composite fracture repair


Restored fractured upper left central incisor with composite.

Case 9 – Cerec Crown – created and fitted whilst the patient waited


Cerec crown

Case 10 – Severe tooth wear - restored simply with white fillings


This 46 year old male patient has attended our practice for some time and finally he agreed he needed to have his work front teeth restored.

These teeth have been restored utilising the benefits of the Dahl Technique. This treatment is provided without drilling the teeth at all. You can see from the photos of the palatal surface how severely worn the teeth were prior to treatment. It is essential for the patient to wear an occlusal splint (biteguard) after treatment to protect the new restorations from further damage.

Case 11 – Whitening


This patient was getting married and was concerned about her dark front tooth.

Unfortunately, her upper left front tooth had been root treated and there was a recurrent infection which was successfully re-treated by our resident root canal specialist. We then proceeded to whiten the darkened front tooth using internal bleaching and afterwards whitened all the teeth using standard home tooth whitening with White Dental Beauty. She is delighted she can smile at her wedding and I am amazed by the fabulous result.

Case 12 - Porcelain veneers


A veneer case on a 24 year old male patient.

He lost his front tooth when he was very young and as you can see the front two teeth looked too large and his smile had lost all symmetry We provided the patient with a smile design which he approved and carried out the treatment over two visits. He is delighted with the transformation.

Case 13 – Smile design and porcelain veneers on lower teeth.


We closed the gaps on upper and lower teeth of patient. We used smile design technique to create a beautiful smile for the patient.

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